Why For Women By Women Trial Advocacy Training?

Director Lippy created this particular training after realizing at a previous course that the ratio of male to female instructors was woefully inadequate. It immediately became clear that many female participants received harsh and inappropriate feedback as compared to their male counterparts. As a result, TACT created the For Women By Women Trial Advocacy Training. By creating a safe space and environment for all attendees and providing the appropriate mouthpiece for feedback and constructive criticism, female attendees will not only hone their litigation skills but the training will empower attendees in all facets of their career.

Will I get CLE credits?

The For Women By Women Virtual Training has already been approved in Pennsylvania for 10 general credits and 2.5 ethics credits. CLE accreditation is pending for California. Most jurisdictions provide CLE upon application. TACT will help you through that process. If you need CLE credit in another state, please email

Why is a TACT training unique?

Let us count the ways… TACT specifically developed this training to create a unique, safe environment for lady lawyers to learn from the right mouthpiece – other lady lawyers.  This environment will foster and empower more growth in your trial skills because it encourages you to push yourself, go beyond your limits, and try new things without the risk or fear of being judged too harshly.  That being said, TACT trainers will criticize you!  Our job is to make you better!  Additionally, TACT trainers are not just outstanding trial lawyers, they are nationally recognized trial advocacy instructors.  At TACT, we understand the best trial lawyers do not always equate to the best trial advocacy trainers.  That’s why TACT’s business model requires any trainers to have significant trial advocacy instruction experience.

How much prep work will there be?

You will receive two abbreviated case files as part of your registration. In the breakout workshop sessions, you can use the information in these case files to practice your trial skills, or you can practice with material from your own cases. You will have opportunities to present an opening statement and portions of direct and cross examinations in your workshop breakout sessions. We have TACT trainers who will give you feedback on your presentations in real-time.

How will this training be conducted in our virtual world?

TACT quickly adapted to the realities of the virtual world once the Covid-19 pandemic began.  Using the Zoom platform, TACT will provide a landing page that houses all training materials, information, and Zoom links.  TACT ensures any virtual conference is user friendly and easy to navigate.


"I just finished a two day CLE Advocacy Training event by Trial Advocacy Consulting & Training LLC (TACT) and Mom Life and Law. It was a tremendous event I would recommend to any female litigator. The event had noted keynote speakers Judge Rosemary Aqualina and litigator Courtney Rowley of "Trial by Woman". The program had content for litigators both new to the profession and seasoned litigators that just want to hone their litigation skills since the courthouses have been covid closed, or maybe just want a little more practice with new techniques. Do yourself a favor, if you practice in litigation, take this course.


"For Women By Women Virtual Trial Advocacy Training was an amazing experience. It gave us a safe space to learn, practice, discuss issues and concerns, and remind us that we are not alone. Regardless of all of the challenges COVID-19 has brought on everyone, this training brought women from all over the world together, and we took advantage of this space. I not only practiced my trial advocacy skills, and improved, but I also grew as a future female litigator, and I know that this is where I belong. Thank you for all the efforts, love, and hard work that TACT, Mom Life, and everyone involved put into this. It truly made a huge impact on me."


"What a phenomenal training! Each speaker and trainer was engaging, energized and an expert in her area of the law. I am taking with me so many tips and techniques, and cannot wait to incorporate them into my practice. I highly recommend For Women By Women Advocacy Training."


"With For Women by Women, I got reminded what I knew all along: that my difference is my strength. For this diverse body of trainers, with different personalities and perspectives on the world, I gained even more than legal skills. I gained what lies behind every lawyer: the why. I'll add that I was the only foreign lawyer of the training and yet felt that I belong to a community."


"Most inspiring informative CLE I’ve attended in over 30 years. Women Attorneys supporting each other is phenomenal and a great bonus to the continued legal education aspect."


"Even though I have been a lawyer for forty years, I learned from every aspect of this course and highly recommend it to all. The caliber of trainers and attendees is unsurpassed in any other course. Also it was thoroughly enjoyable and a delight to learn and network and practice actual skills and trial techniques taught by the best in the field. The fact that it is by women for women is so empowering and it was all-inclusive as well that speaks to the excellence of the sponsors. This has been the best CLE I have ever taken in my forty years of practice since I learned far more than in any others. In every minute of the program, invaluable skills and knowledge were imparted that could not be learned anywhere else."


"This was a unique, special opportunity for female litigators to learn, build community, network, and empower one another. Trainings like this are sorely needed in a profession that doesn't value women enough."