At TACT, our CONSULTANTS utilize a four step process to deliver your organization the best results.




We collaborate with your organization or firm to fully assess your individualized needs.


TACT creates a curriculum that takes into account your needs and incorporates your organization’s processes.



TACT delivers the training on-site or off-site and provides specific action-steps to ensure the learning process continues long after the scheduled course ends.



After the training, TACT follows up ensuring your organization or firm realized optimal results.


TACT provides a fresh look at a case to help provide the best approach to alter or change trial strategy in order to succeed in litigation. TACT consulting can include, but is not limited to, the following options:

Theme & Theory Brainstorming

Our experience can help view a case with fresh eyes and create a theme and theory that will be successful for your case.

File Review for Evidentiary Issues
Be sure to anticipate evidentiary issues in any case.  TACT can review your file, exhibits, documents and other information to help identify and anticipate evidentiary issues.  Once identified, TACT ensures the best strategy for dealing with these issues.
Mock Trials

TACT will prepare your office for litigation by conducting a mock trial against our litigators.  Doing so will identify case strengths and weaknesses through the eyes of a mock jury which will ultimately result in success.

Focus Groups

Determine whether your case theme and theory will be successful by conducting focus groups.  These focus groups can change the outcome of any case result by gaining insight into how the facts of your case are perceived by a lay jury.

Defining & Honing Theme and Theory
After the brainstorming of a theme and theory, it is important to define and hone them. TACT will help defining & honing theme and theory with an eye towards what will succeed in the courtroom.

We help train attorneys the best way to formulate questions for optimal fact finding.